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Drive Your Apple Mail to PST Conversion Forward with Confidence!

If you are moving to Windows Outlook from Apple Mail, you need to go through the dreaded email migration. There is no other way. And it could get worse if your database is huge. The lack of any proper and official way to get the data moved across the clients has made many users struggle for hours on end with the task.

Today, let’s turn it around.

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

There is a way to drive your Apple Mail to PST conversion forward with confidence, stress-free, and without spending too long on it. The answer lies with Mail Passport Pro, from Gladwev Software. It is the ultimate software converter that can handle all sorts of information in your Apple Mail and safely convert it to Outlook PST files.

apple mail to pst

It can convert Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac (OLM), Entourage (RGE), Postbox, MBOX, EML and Thunderbird to PST for MS Outlook.

Features & Benefits

Mail Passport Pro” offers another benefit; it is a Windows based tool. There are few advantages of converting Apple Mail to PST, except only that you need to move your Apple Mail database to the PC you have installed the tool on.

Once that is done, simply load the database, choose the folders you want to convert, and it’s done.

Accurate Conversion

Mail Passport Pro” also relieves you of dealing with the files like EMLX or MBOX manually. These are the files that Mac Mail uses (EMLX as the raw, native file that is inside your users’ library folder, and MBOX is a generic archive file). By directly selecting the database folder, instead of digging around for files or archiving data into files, and then, maybe working through each file separately, you skip the unnecessary steps and also enhance the accuracy of the output to a substantial degree.

Preserve Email Contents

In fact, “Mail Passport Pro” is the only converter for Apple Mail to PST migration that won’t leave behind any component or have any lapses in the integrity that is so commonly observed with other tools. It does not result in errors like missing attachments, broken data hierarchy and structure, damaged graphical data.

Support Conversion of Unicode Data

The tool brings many native and dedicated support to convert the complex and otherwise tricky details. Most common issue found with the output data when converted with non-professional converters is the loss of email headers that contain stuff like To, From, Subject Line, etc. And if the headers are not in English (ASCII), but use some other language under Unicode (like Chinese), the problems get doubled. “Mail Passport Pro” has precise mechanism to secure all these type of contents.

Ease of Use – A Wizard Based Tool

And finally, the interface makes all the difference in your experience and comfort level. For the first time, it is possible to convert Apple Mail to PST even by total beginners. The tool’s smart UI system requires no tutorial and has no learning-curve. Don’t know what files mean and what the database contains? No problem. You never need to know. Just follow the instruction and graphically-oriented Wizard, and you will be all set!

Get it today!

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Mail Passport Pro” comes in various versions (licenses) that is made to suit varying needs of individuals and large corporations. It is also available in a trial version that is completely free and lets you check out the features in depth.

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