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Cannot Open OST file in Outlook 2013…2019

OST format is a boon and a sin. It helps you saving your mailbox content offline. These files can be edited to your heart’s content without an internet connection, and will be linked to Outlook once the internet connection is established. However, the problem with OST is that it cannot work directly with Outlook and is a very weak format. MS Exchange server syncs OST files with PST, the format which directly works with Outlook. But even the server leaves behind a large chunk of corrupted and damaged OST database.

Therefore, for corrupt and damaged OST database, and the healthy one, which cannot be open in Outlook sometimes when MS Exchange server is not available to do the job, we need an alternative tool.

This article is the answer to this quest. And that answer is OST Extractor Pro.


Since OST to PST Conversion is the only way to open OST files in Outlook, it becomes imperative to have your entire OST file converted in Outlook. And no one does it better than OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. The tool is blessed with multi-features which enable such deep strength and mobility in the tool that it converts each and every OST files from each and every source there is.

Cannot Open OST file in Outlook 2013

OST Extractor Pro can make it possible for you to have the smoothest and safest OST to PST Conversion. This way you will be able to open each of OST file in Outlook 2013.

The benefit of OST Extractor Pro s that it extracts OST files from all sources. It is a real professional when it comes to extracting OST files. Due to its comprehensive conversion, it is one step ahead in the game of comprehensive conversion. Thus, customers can be sure that they will be able to open each of their OST files in Outlook 2013.

Best Way to Open OST file in Outlook 2013

OST Extractor Pro executes complete conversions also because it has a deep internalization of the formation of modern mails. With its nested mails, embedded images and multiple attachments, a modern mail can be hard to decode, but not for OST Extractor Pro. The tool understands this vital make up and makes arrangement for each part of a mail. It converts them and prepares them for Outlook 2013 easily.

Open OST file in Outlook 2013

What is astounding is that OST Extractor Pro does all this in a very limited time. It does not even take the tool 10 minutes to completely convert more than 10 GB of OST database. The tool does not compromise in quality for attainment of this speed at all.

Get it to open ost file in Outlook 2013

You can download the free trial version of OST Extractor Pro, and explore it for yourself. USL software has always kept the tool open for scrutiny. It has complete faith in its superiority. No one has ever been dissatisfied with it.

Open OST file in Outlook

When you have completely seen the tool for yourself, you can explore its license. The individual license is priced at $49, and is the best deal one can get. Download OST Extractor Pro right now! 

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