change ost file into pst

Changing OST file into PST for MS Outlook

What is tool you can use for changing OST file into PST and how to use it

Outlook (OST & PST file)

OST File is a part of daily routine of every Outlook user’s life. The file stores all of your text related email data. Since Outlook not only deals with  emails but all round complete managerial stuff, so all the data needs to be maintained and updated constantly.

But OST files cannot be used for directly updating data, onto the Outlook server. You can not import OST file into Outlook. It needs to be converted into PST file to complete the updating process.  OST file cannot be directly opened in Outlook for extraction of all the updated data. For this purpose the conversion process needs to be done.

Changing OST file into PST

The process of upload OST to Office 365 is not exactly a walk in the park. The process is very complex and technical. Both the files have different structure; therefore converting one file into another is a bit tricky.

Simple & Powerful

OST Extractor Pro is the tool you want to go with when it comes to changing OST file into PST. Why? Because the tool offers best in class conversion rate, an easy to use interface, multiple options for converting files and much more.

changing ost file into pst

The tool is a product of USL Software. The tool follows their eccentric but effective policy. It runs on a very powerful algorithm. USL Software has developed this one of a kind algorithm by years of research and work.

The tool converts each and every type of OST file into PST, thus helping out you with your corrupted and damaged OST files. The tool converts each and every byte of data present in your input file.

No Data loss at all

No data loss or missing fragments of data are experienced after the conversion process. The output file produced is perfect and the resulting errors are negligible. 

The output file produced has the same file structure and hierarchy of the folder system as that of the input file. This feature is known as data integrity. OST Extractor Pro provides this exceptional feature.

This makes it very easy is to navigate and debugging of the output file.

Quick & Accurate

The tool provides not only the tough conversion power but a subtle and comfortable working environment. The interface that tool supports makes the usage of tool very easy. The interface doesn’t give any indication of the complex process going in the background.

It makes the selection of files easy and a simple click to convert the files at once. The speed and accuracy combine with the ease to operate the tool makes the whole experience very pleasant.

Get it for changing OST file into PST

With ease and power, the tool provides options too. OST Extractor Pro supports for changing OST file into PST, MBOX, Thunderbird and Office 365 files. Plus, it is available for both Mac and Windows, therefore providing you with a familiar option for both of your systems.

Get free trial at

ost file into pst

The ever supporting helpline provides a very good after sales support to you. This makes your after sales experience hassle free. The trial is free to download thus providing you a peek into the tools world.

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