Convert EML to PST Safely While Keeping the Original Details Preserved in Output Files!

EML is a file that was first introduced by Microsoft to store email messages in Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express. Since then, .eml has become a common format to store electronic messages. Many clients and programs allow users to open EML files easily. You can simply select “open with” and choose your email client like Outlook or Mac Mail.

But if you are reading this article, you are most likely not interested in opening an EML file. You have a lot of EML files that you wish you could import in bulk to Windows Outlook. And the thing is, even if EML is a standard data file and you can view the contents of each file one by one, you cannot import all of them to Outlook mailbox folders.

The only file supported by Windows Outlook for importing data is PST (and CSV for contacts). So, the option you are left with is converting EML to PST. And that can be done through the help of a third-party file converter. Most of these converters are not built for clean and thorough conversion. The data file conversion of this nature is more than just changing the file extensions. They have to extract the contents and rebuild them in a way that supports the output format (PST in this case).

And in doing so, most converters miss the details and metadata from EML files. You would get PST files that are not accurate and have errors like damaged graphical components, missing non-English text characters, and so on. One of the least supported feature is preserving the folder hierarchy. So, if you have EML files in a particular way arranged inside folders, the generic converter won’t be able to convert them to PST while keeping the folder hierarchy same or preserved at all.

Solution for EML to PST

We have a solution for you today that will let you avoid the complexity explained in the passage
above. This converter by Gladwev Software will get the data imported from EML to Outlook in  PST files without any loss to minute details, like graphical elements, Unicode text characters, folder hierarchy, or anything else. It’s called “Mail Passport Pro” and is actually a tool to convert all commonly used file formats like MBOX and EML and even direct databases of Mac based email clients (like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc.) to Outlook PST files.


Along with its data accuracy, “Mail Passport Pro” is also incredibly easy to use, thanks to the smart user-interface that Gladwev paid attention to, unlike most other generic tools of this category. The wizard is totally intuitive to follow along with the clear instructions that you will be able to convert EML to PST files in no time.

It also comes with a 24 x 7 tech support, making it even easier for beginners and users with no prior experience of email migration for converting EML to PST.

Mail Passport Pro an easy to use EML to PST Converter

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