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Now convert MBOX to PST with great ease with this professional tool

It has not always been easy to convert MBOX to PST. The file formats are different from each other and not compatible with the same email domain at all. You can get the MBOX file format from the Apple email. On the other hand, you can get the PST file format from the outlook for windows and Mac. Hence if you are looking forward to changing your email domain from Apple to Outlook you will need to convert MBOX to PST first.

Now to convert MBOX to PST there is no manual way of doing the same. You would need a converter or an extractor tool to make this happen. You can find many such tools available in the market which claims to convert MBOX to PST. But you need to first understand the complications of making this conversion and the losses that you may encounter.

To Convert MBOX to PST like never before, get this solution

When you use a tool that you don’t know about or its authentication it is quite possible that you end up damaging for corrupting your MBOX data files. You need a software that would easily help you in extracting your MBOX file format and then smoothly converting it into PST file format. This is the most important feature needed to convert MBOX to PST.

Get the Mail extractor Pro to find the best results

After a lot of research, I came up to a tool which is known as Mail Extractor Pro. This tool was developed by the USL software and I must tell you it is one of the greatest tools available in the market. Not exaggerating about the tool but one needs to use the tool for them to know why I love this tool so much. You can use the trial version to convert MBOX to PST.

convert mbox to pst

This tool is absolutely free and it consists of all the features available on the paid tool pack. This is one more reason why I love this tool so much. Usually, the tools that you will find in the market will offer you with the trial version of the pack but most of them will not offer you the complete features as you will get in the paid version, the keep few of the features hidden to lure their client into buying the pack. But experts at USL Software have a different approach to it. They allow its users to use the entire features available so that they can be confident before buying the tool.

Easily converts Unicode files

One more feature about this tool is, to convert MBOX to PST file you need double byte conversion too if you deal wilt other languages. This software offers you double bit conversion too, Apart from this it offers batch conversion of the Apple mail Files this means that if you have a large database to take care of you can go for batch conversion which will save your time. It will help you with metadata conversion too. This includes conversion of timestamps, Excel sheet information, Presentation files, etc.

converting MBOX to PST

This tool is accurate and smooth to convert MBOX to PST. Apart from the stated features, it can convert Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows.

Visit To download the free trial of the tool, click here.

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