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Converting .ost to eml for Microsoft Windows Live Mail

Here is a detailed review of the best product that I have used by far for converting .ost to EML. Before we begin with that, let us have a quick understanding of some technical terms as well as of the reasons for taking up such conversions.

Converting .ost to EML file

The first aspect of these conversions is the .ost files, therefore, let’s start from there. .ost is a file format used by Outlook to define those files that are edited and saved in an offline mode. These files are quite fragile and can be easily damaged if we do not take ample care while handling them. Next, the destination format is EML which happens to be a file format that is used by various email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.

The whole idea of converting .ost to EML has its basis in the requirement of a user to transfer files from Outlook to some other mailing client that makes use of EML files. Such conversions are generally very complicated and that is the reason why we make use of third party OST file converter tools such as OST Extractor Pro.

After having used many third party conversion tools for converting .ost to EML, I have concluded that OST Extractor Pro is the most efficient ost converter tool for the job. Here are the reasons for my belief.

Converting .ost to EML

Learn Why OST Extractor Pro is the best fit for converting .ost to eml

As an advanced user, I would like to take this opportunity to establish that I make use of different tools due to my technical hunger. As a word of caution, I would also recommend that as a beginner you must not try any ordinary tool as you may end up damaging your files completely. Now, let us begin with the review of this amazing tool that can help you in converting .ost to EML.

Keep the files safe

An important aspect, of the conversion processes, is the safety of your files. Given the solid background of this tool, the safety of the files is guaranteed.

Gives an easy load option

Human error is a real possibility in any of the tasks that we take up on a routine basis. Similarly, converting .ost to EML files manually can result in a lot of unnecessary errors that can be completely avoided if you make use of the auto-load option provided by OST Extractor Pro. This option will help you smoothly extract the files without any hiccups.

Simple process with minimal user involvement

Unlike the rest of the tools, this tool does not require the user to stay glued to the computer screen all through the process. The user has to simply follow 4 predefined steps and the rest is taken care of by the tool.

Convert .ost to EML

Perfect Results

The results produced by this tool in converting .ost to EML are wonderful. They are par excellence and no other tool in my experience has been so precise and on-point with the final files.

My take away from this experience is that OST Extractor Pro is the ultimate tool for converting .ost to EML for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

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