importing gmail mbox to outlook

Import Gmail MBOX to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Do not lose sleep over the task to import Gmail MBOX to Outlook!

Importing Gmail MBOX to Outlook is quite burdensome for the users who only wish to shift their data from one mailing client to the other. Certainly, there must be inbuilt ways offered by the email clients to execute this job but that is not the case. Both Gmail MBOX and Outlook PST are unique formats and due to their intense incompatibility, if there is a need to import Gmail MBOX to Outlook, the users are left with only two options to get the job done- manual methods and via third party conversion tools.

Import Gmail MBOX to Outlook

At first, if we talk about the manual conversion methods, then more than half the time of the users goes into understanding the technical jargons. And even if they succeed in doing that, there is absolutely no guarantee of getting favorable results. Then why opt for this strategy at all?

Shifting our focus to third party conversion tools, we must know that these are more like lotteries. If you are lucky enough, you would land up on a decent tool that would give 60-70% conversion output, if at all. However, in most cases, creators of these technical tools would not look out for the ease of their end users. That means that use of these could be as bad as the manual conversion methods. However, in presence of an outstanding tool such as Mail Extractor Pro, one can bid adieu to all the troubles that come associated with the process to import Gmail MBOX to Outlook.

import Gmail MBOX to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail to PST, Thunderbird to PST, Postbox to PST and MBOX to PST file format.

What Mail Extractor Pro can offer that no other tool can to import Gmail MBOX to Outlook!

Importing Gmail MBOX to Outlook can leave a user baffled to a great extent. But Mail Extractor Pro resolves that by keeping all the complicated operations restricted to background activity. On the forefront, it lays out a very simple interface with basic instructions which lead to the results within a few minutes in entirety.

Import Gmail MBOX to Outlook for Mac

Moreover, the results are super coherent and there is no complaint that the user can make after having one look at these perfect files given out as a result of MBOX to PST Conversion job. It preserves the attachments and maintains the folder hierarchy structure unlike any other tool. It also specifically converts elements that remain unattended when approached by ordinary tools. These would comprise of items such as Unicode content, nested messages, etc.

Another interesting aspect of this tool is the price at which it is available to the general public. This price coupled with the unmatchable features is the best deal that users can take advantage of if they wish to import Gmail MBOX to Outlook. There is also a free trial version that can be used to try out its features at first. The copies of both the links can be found hereunder.

Gmail MBOX to Outlook

Don’t shy away from this opportunity and opt for Mail Extractor Pro today itself to start importing Gmail MBOX to Outlook without any interruptions.

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