import apple mail to thunderbird

Import Mac Mail into Thunderbird in a Record-Breaking Time!

Do you have many emails in Mac Mail that you want to move to Thunderbird? You might be anxious about the process of email migration. And the anxiety is reasonable; email migration across dissimilar programs can be difficult. But the worst is that they take unreasonable amount of time.

Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird

This is a world hungry for productivity, and if you are too, moving data across email clients can totally make it worse for you. The reason why Mac Mail to Thunderbird takes even longer is lack of any good software solutions.

You can use the MBOX file to move your folders (since MBOX is common in both email clients) without requiring any application from third-parties, but it’s a method filled with many frustrations and pains.

Today we are discussing one very quick approach that lets you import Mac Mail into Thunderbird. All other tools, methods, or manual techniques that You may have read or heard take way too long, and that too for small databases.

So, without further ado, let’s about how you can migrate data quickly.

Best Way to Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird

You will need a software application called “Mail Extractor Max“, which is developed by USL Software.

Import Mac Mail into Thunderbird

One of the primary reasons why this tool works wonders is the option to load Mac Mail directly from the profile database, as opposed to using any files like MBOX or EMLX. Naturally, the accuracy of the process improves many folds once you target the source directly and get rid of the intricated manual steps to archive the files first.

And that’s why “Mail Extractor Max” works so fast and also with accuracy.

Talking about data accuracy, you will find that it never misses a single data item during conversion. Whatever data you have in your Mac Mail database, you will get the same in Thunderbird, just with the different format. This includes more complex data types that often dont’ get converted, such as:

  • The structure of your folders or folder hierarchy
  • read/unread status of emails
  • Cloud based links as attachments
  • Unknown formats attachments
  • Nested emails in conversational style
  • Graphical elments (like photos, graphs, icons, etc.)
  • MIME defined headers
  • All Unicode characters (includes English, Chinese, Japanese, and all used languages characters)

mac mail to thunderbird

Get it to Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” can work on 1 GB of data in less than 10 minutes, which is significantly faster than any other solution for importing Mac Mail into Thunderbird.

If you want to try how fast it works, get the free trial setup here. You can convert ten items per folder within Mac Mail and get to see the tool up-close and inspect any feature you want.

Get it here:

USL Software also offers free tech support available 24 x 7. So if you have any problems, you can contact them and expect your problem to be solved instantly.

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