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A Beginner’s Way Around Mail Conversion : Mail Extractor Pro

Converting your mail data to migrate onto another application or account can be scary and especially if you are new to this. If you are a user of Apple Mail or Thunderbird or POSTBOX or even MBOX and are trying to convert all of your data into PST file for Outlook, then this is the article you should be reading.

The Best Mail Converter

Converting any kind of data is now a days a big risk. There is a chance of losing your data or corrupting it. This constant fear because of the value data holds in the current scenario. And if you are a beginner then this world becomes a scary place.

But don’t worry. This article will guide you to the best way of converting any kind of mail data into PST file for your Outlook account.


Mail Extractor Pro is the best tool to convert your mail data into PST file. The tool is a user friendly and a powerful option that helps you get through this scary process with ease and safety.

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro are your ultimate helping hand in data conversion process, especially if you are a beginner. The tool offers some exclusive and exquisite features that make your experience a joyride.

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Multiple input Options

The tool offers a wide range of conversion options to you. It can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, POSTBOX to Outlook PST and import MBOX to Outlook 2016. This helps in maintaining and updating your Outlook data with ease without the concern of the mail type you are using.

The tool converts each and every bit of your input file’s data. The tool runs on an algorithm so powerful that all of your data present in the input file is converted into an output file of your choice without and errors or bugs.

Accurate Conversion

The tool even maintains the hierarchy of your file system. Due to this the output file looks exactly like your input file.

The tool does all this complex stuff with an unmatchable accuracy and speed. And the interface of the tool makes it easier.

The interface of the tool looks very basic as compared to the complex work being done in the background. A simple Graphic User Interface with basic instructions make the usage of the tool very easy, especially for beginners.

Unicode Conversion

The tool supports conversion of not only ASCII code characters (English Characters) but also the Unicode characters. This unique feature of the tool helps you in protecting even the non-English stuff of your data too.

The tool helps you by offering you the feature of bulk conversion. This enables you the ease of selecting all the files you want to convert at a single click of the button. Neither accuracy nor the speed of conversion is compromised during bulk conversion.

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Download the free trial version today and give it a go, you’ll not be disappointed.

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