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PST to Thunderbird Converter that Works in MacOS


Email Conversion has always been one of the toughest tasks to carry out. The process involves layers of technicalities and complexities that makes the conversion process a little tricky. But not anymore. This tool from USL Software makes the conversion process safer, easier and faster.

PST to Thunderbird Converter for MacOS


USL Software’s PST Extractor Pro is the most recommended PST to Thunderbird Converter. The tool differs from other PST to Thunderbird Converter on many levels, be it features, performance, even the interface.

pst to thunderbird converter

The tool sets the bar very high just with the options it provides you for the format of the output file. You can convert your PST files into not only Thunderbird but also into Apple Mail, MBOX, Postbox etc. This provides you a firmer grip over the conversion process. This is the kind of control that other PST to Thunderbird Converters fail to give you.

With so many options at your disposal you can easily migrate between different file formats or manage more than one account simultaneously.

pst to thunderbird


Safety is another feature on which the tool designing is based upon. This PST to Thunderbird converter protects your data like its own. The tool rectifies the mistakes of other PST to Thunderbird converters that previously failed at one or other point. It does it by providing you the advanced features like conversion of Unicode content.


Unicode content is formed by all the non-English content of the input data. Data like attachments, calendars etc. form up your Unicode data. Most of the other PST to Thunderbird Converter fail to convert the Unicode data that ultimately results in incomplete conversion.

This incomplete conversion may end up damaging the data in your input file. So, PST Extractor Pro see to this and with the ability to convert the Unicode data it preserves your data and provide you with a safe and complete conversion process.


The tool provides you exertional accuracy and precision when it comes to the conversion process. It converts all the data present in the input file down to the last bit. You won’t experience any bugs or errors in the output file generated, which is not guaranteed in any other PST to Thunderbird Converter.


The tool speeds up your conversion process too. It does so by supporting features like bulk conversion. Bulk conversion allows you to select all the files that you want to convert.  And then in a single go the tool converts all the files.


This bulk conversion approach does not affect the accuracy and the precision that the tool offers.  It only speeds up the conversion process by cutting down on the time that you waste in selecting the files that you want to convert one by one.


The tool comes with an interface that makes the conversion process a whole lot easier with its informative wizards and dialog boxes. These wizards act as stepping stones and guide for both beginners and advanced users.

Download PST to Thunderbird Converter

The trial version of the tool can be downloaded from the website for free. It helps you in getting comfortable with the tool before you move on to the premium version. So, download your trial today and get started.

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